Springfield xdm disassembly pdf

Doesnt matter to me that i already know which way it goes i expect a. Do not allow others to handle or fire your pistol until they have read this manual. In the springfield world of polymer pistols, the springfield armory xdm 3. After completing the following steps, you will successfully be able to disassemble a springfield xdm pistol, clean it, and reassemble it. Do not allow others to handle or fire your pistol until they have read. Who was crazy enough to make a fiveshot single stack microcompact in. It is immediately loaded and ready to fire again after each shot until all cartridges. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to youtube on your. I think it is a very complicated firearm for anyone who wants to disassemble though. This manual was designed to fit in your shirt or jacket pocket.

These instructions are for informational use only and should only be attempted by trained individuals. If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. This is an instruction booklet on how to operate this firearm with some basic safe. There are only a few differences with the xdm from the original xd, so here is a link to the very comprehensive disassembly guide for the xd that taught me everything i know. Instructions on how to detail strip of your springfield armory xd and xdm slides springfield xdm and xd frame detail assembly instructions by.

I think springfield did a great job on this pistol for the user. The manual doesnt tell you which way the recoil spring assembly goes into the slide. The springfield armory xdm xtreme duty, the m is for the match grade barrel and match grade trigger are a series of semiautomatic pistols that are polymerframed and strikerfired. As part of our firearm maintenance series, in this video one of brownells gunsmiths goes through stepbystep howto properly disassemble the springfield xd. So, i got my xdm 9mm yesterday and i had to tear it apart to see how. The information in this manual applies to all xd m models regardless of caliber unless otherwise noted. When the springfield xds hit the market a few years ago, it made a big splash for being a tiny gun with a lot of punch. Never attempt to disassemble or reassemble a firearm unless you. Springfield xdm and xd frame detail assembly instructions. Transfer this manual with the firearm upon ownership change. Springfield xdm and xd frame detail assembly instructions by. Springfield xdm and xd frame detail assembly instructions by springer precision part 1 of 3.

Detailed instructions on how to detail strip the springfield armory xdm and xd line of pistols. Springfield armory xd pistols operation and safety manual important safety information inside read this manual before handling this firearm. The runaway success of the xds, despite its teething pains with a prominent recall, led springfield to branch out into the highly anticipated 9x19 and. The pistol is not unloaded until the chamber is empty.

With the round magazine, the pistol takes on a persona of a shortbarreled, fullgrip grip pistol and would be. Springfields consumer safety department at 309 9445631 for assistance. Videos you watch may be added to the tvs watch history and influence tv recommendations. This product brownell xdm disassembly lever springfield is quite good, with quite a bit of love to occur see you listed here recommend.

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